About the Aerobika* Device

Aerobika Device with the statement drug-free in the background

The Aerobika* device is clinically supported and easy to use, providing a better quality of life by reducing cough and shortness of breath1, 2.

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Aerobika* Device Wins Gold

MDEA is an International Award recognizing groundbreaking products that save lives and change the face of medical technology. It is one of the medical technology industry’s highest honours – the Aerobika* device received gold.

How the Aerobika* device can help

A rendering of lungs and a closer look at an airway plugged with excess mucus

Cough and shortness of breath may be due to excess mucus trapped in the lungs.

Airway plugged with excess mucus.

A rendering of an airway being opened and vibrations helping to thin and loosen mucus

As you exhale through the device, the airways are opened.

As the airways open, vibrations help thin and loosen mucus which can then be expelled.

The Aerobika* device is already improving the quality of life for many Canadians.


Instructional Videos

1 COPD 0;1-9:2015

2 Eur Respir J 2014; P3679